1. chimichangas

    Any motocycle riders on the forum?

    Hello people, I was wondering if there were any riders here at LC, if it is. Throw a picture and some awsome info!:D Here is my Yamaha Yzf 2015
  2. chimichangas

    A little deagle movie

    This is two clips from a local lan, used my new lan settingswixSanic 1 ace and a 4k i belive
  3. chimichangas

    Long ass ACE

  4. chimichangas

    1v5 Faceit ace| Road to FPL

  5. chimichangas

    I am back baby! Road to FPL-C! 1v4| Sick USP-s

    Well, I am soon "Back" cause I lost my sub today, but also subbed again for around 5-6 hours ago xD btw, the fps went to h*ll for some reason with Sony Vegas