1. PrivateScumbag

    security question

    Is it worth buying league multi hack now or wait for 3.0? Want to go about 2/3 months and not be banned. I want the best security I can get asap. cheers
  2. D

    I want to buy the hack

    how do i buy the hack, i cant find any thread about it, sorry guys im new here on forum, and i cant find the price list or smth, damn i feel retarded, thanks for answers. EDIT: I found how to buy the hack, is it ESL Wire proof? can i play on client? i know ur testing it for EAC , but is it...
  3. panzer

    aimheight and aimright

    I'm doing some testing, i see that this features helps a lil with recoil (auto recoil-non manual)... what u guys think? some deathmatch testing (tired, and i already know i'm not the best player on the world :P)
  4. I


    Why I can't start a new thread on marketplace like here ?
  5. wowow23

    EAC estimated time?

    around what month do you guys think EAC support will be released? (jan, feb, march, stuff, etc) atm im saving money up for whenever that is so i can resub >:DDD