1. M

    Help with spoofer GC?

    Hi. I'm interested on buy the GC cheat for 3 months, but while using another hack I got banned on GamersClub a few days ago. As u guys should know, GamersClub has HWID banning system. What can I do to make me possible to play there again? Did u guys provide any spoofer or tutorial for me...
  2. poet1180

    CS:GO China presentation [AI-AC]

    Matchmaking:64tick Official Social Community Server:128tick Server will give Different ISPs player support Unique Anti-Cheating Account system:Bind with Alipay credit system. Linked to other platform like B5 and 5E. Banned account can not log in any platform (Alipay is the biggest virtual...
  3. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 6/2/17

    Hey all, As per the CSGO update last week they made some changes to the armor system. As such I have updated the armor system in the cheat to make it work with the new armor values. Additionally you can now play with raw input on with the aimbot if you use setcursortype=1 (in the settings...
  4. P

    download cheat?

    Hello, I'm new and I do not know where to download the cheat
  5. S

    HWID Locked

    So lets say I wanted to cheat on LAN. Would I be able to use the cheat on another computer without having to reset my HWID which some cheats require?
  6. Jimster480

    Auth system downtime

    Hey all, The auth system will have a bit of downtime as we upgrade server versions. We expect everything will be back up within 25 minutes. Thanks!