1. Xiuston2

    One Global vs 5 Silvers

    Yo peeps. So after probably two years, Ive managed to decay my smurf from DMG to Silver 2, and today I decided I wanted to do one matchmaking and see what rank I would get, and try out my new deagle/pistol settings. Note that this is 32 tick demo. Pistol has 1.45 fov, 6 smoothaim, 8 supersmooth...
  2. mins13

    Very easy to play with this gorgeous "LC"

    Ez supreme And so almost every time, if your team isn't pulling No visuals No trigger
  3. Aaron

    4k Deagle, 0.04 Defuse

    Bad days when only your pistol config gets highlights :^)
  4. J

    Faceit aimbot

    I see a lot of other providers that are detected or semi-detected say you need to use a really low fov and a super high smooth to not get detected. Is that the same with this cheat, can you use settings that actually give you a decent advantage or is it still minimal because you will be detected?