1. yeap

    Discount Code

    Is the discount code for people who had Platinum or R3 still available? Don't got much in my PayPal rn xD
  2. G

    old platinum user

    do i still get a Discount wehn i switch here?
  3. 1

    Hi guys I’m newish here

    So I originally bought one month of league cheats multi at the worst timing during the vac net ban wave lucky I didn’t get banned that put me off using it so I went back to my original cheat provider and used there cheat for a while till the compensation came and finally used the cheat but I...
  4. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats September 11 Update, Competitors Closing? Reduced Pro-League Requirements? See inside!

    Hello Subscribers, With the recent successful launch of Pro-League with DiveDeep, We have decided that it was time to show why LeagueCheats is the best provider on the market. Some of you may or may not be aware that some sites on the market who competed with us are now closing their doors...
  5. C

    Question about purchasing

    Hello guys i just want to ask when i purchased cs go league multi i type diffrend name and password than my ones from the forum it was that wrong and if is it how i can fix it ?
  6. V

    Requirements for beta access

    As the title says, what's the requirements for beta access? Thanks for reading. EDIT: Why does it say that I'm a newbie lmao
  7. Y

    2 Questions

    1. I'm not sure if i am a resubscriber or a new customer because i dont remember if i bought a subscription here before(pretty sure i did) 2. I want to pay for advanced config setup as if i buy LC i want the best config that suits me which is strong legit but i can send as goods only on paypal...
  8. SharkKnight

    CEVO Cheat and Lifetime Subscription

    Does this cheat support CEVO? Also I was wondering if there was anyway I could get a lifetime subscription? and if there was any way to use the cheat on LAN? Also does anyone here cheat in leagues?
  9. M

    Trading HM-Hack for multihack subscription?

    Hi, As the title says, would any admin, user, etc want to trade a League Cheats League Multihack subscription (for 1 month) for a High-Minded subscription? Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks, -Mitchell Maher