1. fmr

    Favorite Pro, Playstyle, & Position

    Hello guys, I just want to create a quick survey. I want to know what kind of CS:GO style each members have. This could also be a gateway to an increased chemistry in our forum. Users who liked a common professional player may end up being friends in the long run. In preparation to LC 3.0...
  2. xans

    Bored with 3D Extrusion

    Not sure, for some reason I liked the concept with this font, care to share your thoughts?
  3. VAULT1909

    Feedback on my work? (I need support)

    Basically I'm trying hard to get accepted as a graphic designer by Tox, he says that if I can get good feedback on my thumbnails and wallpapers for LC then he'll promote me, any positive feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated. Every time you give me good feedback, the further I get...
  4. T

    KQLY BONE 6 (old bone 10)