1. A


    I play on a team and we are playing in a cevo league, I am wondering if I can use triggerbot/esp (only stuff i rlly use) on CEVO. thx in advance!
  2. Elyysian

    Comeback to LC

    Hey guys, I had a lot of stuff going on in the university and now i finished the hard stuff and can play again. I would really love to play on EAC with LC. But as far as I know its only for beta access users? I think I got the requirements for the beta since i used LC for atleast half a year and...
  3. baronkp

    STD from lan grill?

    So boys, I was at a local lan party last week, with a good portion of gamer girls aswell, and my mind went fucking-crazy-opium-mad-fucking-insane-girl-molester mode. So, i kinda went up on the last night, drinking with a few teammates and some naive highschool girls, which is fine and stuff...
  4. abbetappe

    Need some help

    So yesterday me and a friend stole some stuff from the store, and they saw it and called the police and our parents. anyone knows what's going to happen now?
  5. Imoxus

    When will the next lc update be??

    Literally bout 10 - 20 mins ago csgo updated. And as soon as i have got back on its messed with my aimbot and flickbot and walls and stuff. Its showing the esp player boxes to be flying around everywhere, and my aimbot buttton when i hold it moves the crosshair to a completely different location...
  6. Aaron

    Does MSL have mouse vibration..?

    I swear to fuck, every time I see MSL play with a Deagle or some other weaponry his shit always shakes as if he's having a seizure or some shit
  7. image

    FACEIT EU NOW!!!!!!