1. Thomisk

    (Off-topic) Do you guys know some sort of legit site,where I can store my items ?

    Well, we are all using a LC here and most of all has been using lc on their main accounts. I trust LC so much,that I do that too. But you know,like i wanna feel even more safe,when I have high valued skins on my inventory and I kinda wanna just store it somewhere,where I can retrieve it again to...
  2. pikachu

    Question about skin changer and settings

    Hey guys. Today I'm using some other cheat that I bought lifetime, but I am really interested into using LeagueCheats, specially from what i've read here on the forums about coming support to GamersClub! ♥ What I want to ask is: - Does skin changer have stickers and stattrak function?? - Does...