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    Testimonial / feedback

    I write just a fast and simple feedback. I have used LC in past couple times, but always left the subscription to 1 month. So i would like to tell why i did never renew my subscription. +The aimbot seems to be pretty good if you can find just proper settings, so thats not the problem. But then...
  2. J

    Is the standalone rcs fixed yet?

    So my question is if the rcs type5 (standalone rcs) is fixed yet? Last time when i subbed it was not working, it was pulling crosshair down to your own feets even with low power. Also other question, is all the features safe to use in cevo league ?
  3. D

    Questions Regarding GO:League

    Hello, cheat looks promising, tried a lot of p2c, private slots on d3 ect, how powerful is this aimbot exactly, can it be both one taps and spraydowns? RCS: Is this standalone? Or is it with the aimbot so only works when Aim key is toggled. Will be looking to buy around xmas time but just had...