1. L

    Last thing before buy

    Hello guys i'll buy the cheat to use only the aimbot and i was wondering how the hs% works,my spray is sick but my spray + aimbot = 100 hs % or no ? i don't want high rate of hs.
  2. K


    Does the aimbot work like an usual aimbot where the program does the work itself or i can drag and spray control normally like without the cheat?
  3. unholy

    some thoughts

    Hello! I used this cheat for a couple of months ago, but had some trouble with set it up properly and then i stopped played so never used it so much. So i thinking of give it a new try, but need to refresh my memory with some questions etc :) Whats the differents in Basic cheat setup with...
  4. BFZ

    LoL too much head shot but still legit.

    That was i say, this cheat is so ultimate.I feel doesn't waste any time to wait :D,It's feel worthy more than. and anyone are waiting for active truth me Worthy>Waste :) ps. Where should i set an option to HS to much?,i mean about normal kill and some HS kill. Thanks :D