1. niiro

    ESL wire proof?

    Hello, some features in Multi League UD on esl wire have some game today can someone help me out? :) i gonna buy League version if its UD atm someone knows? :D greets
  2. L

    What is the telling sign that a friend is cheating?

    So anyone experienced anything people always have in common when you find out about them cheating? From what I have experienced people always get nervous when you ask them about the hitting insane shots and almost always try to make a joke out of it. Like "yeah of cource I'm cheating bro". Just...
  3. stfn


    Hello, Can someone help me with spoofing like HWID and all that. I watched Videos all that shit but dont get it. If i reset my computer will there be new HWID and all or do i need still to spoof?!
  4. amnez1k


    does someone has some settings for faceit? I saw someone talked about cfg section.. where is that?
  5. panzer

    Ez faceit pleb gets a ban

  6. L

    Need help..

    I am new here , is there someone can tell me how to send a PM?...I can not find the button.....
  7. sudo

    HvH against lc ToX(legit) and

    ragers: @AirMake @pipz1337 (they didnt use lc)
  8. toker

    how do i come in contact with jimster?

    how do i come in contact with jimster? someone know when he is coming online or can tell im to come? i need help and i have waited so long already!! thank you
  9. I

    Wanted coder for Perfect Auto Strafe

    Hey, So I'm not sure where else to post this really. I've been wanting something like this for ages and it's annoying me not being able to have it. I've posted on another website and had one guy reply me saying he can make it, however, I don't really trust him that much. (He instantly responded...
  10. MoMeak


    hey guys. I heard someone use wallhack in Faceit,ist safe?? i just know faceit cant use this feature. Can someone tell me.:(
  11. H

    i'm looking players for faceit

    hi , someone want play , already i have 8lvl on faceit send me msg if u want play :)