1. amnez1k

    private build

    how much does a private build that bypass faceit ac costs ? features : just aimbot
  2. Xiuston2

    M4A4 Ace Cache

    Been low activitiy in the videos section lately, so im here to spice it up :) Hope you like it! Trying out new recording software, but I feel I dont get the quality that I want :(
  3. S

    Betaaccess / new account / Stream

    Hey guys, im a lil bit confused. Looking for a fAC/EAC proof hack of course and i know about your guys beta. So i wonderd, if i order LC League on a 3 month base (90$?), will i be able to test your beta? Plus my second question; Is it possible to use your hacks on stream? I've never used...
  4. Mar1k

    LeagueCheats - The Best Legit Software [ My score! ]

    I love this software. The Best cheat for CS:GO in the WORLD! FrankerZ
  5. O

    Smoother videos

    I see a lot of people interested in fragvideos and such, I don't do CS fragvideos, but I took a cinematogrphy/filming course and have worked/work with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Kdlive, After Effects, ffmpeg, Audacity, Adobe Audition and WMM(recently learning Cinema4D on my own). I...
  6. $nowii

    injected on an other account

    so i injected that cheat called zeus it got cracked on hf its like a skeet paste i injected it on a banned account it is a dll that u inject with a dll injector is there a risk the acc i did not inject this cheat on gets banned?
  7. H

    faceit available

    hey lc community and players are cheaters on faceit I want to buy this software, but I need it only for games on faceit so I want to know, how long have you been playing with the software on faceit could you tell me more about it, if you don't mind