1. creat1ve

    is this guy aimbotting?

    watch the second kill in 720p (0.5 speed) and you'll see an aimlock, maybe hes aimbotting with mouse4 or mouse5 cause he misses a lot of shots but alot of his kills you can see the aimlock if you watch in 0.5, hes a popular youtuber, he also make videos of ppl cheating in GamersClub/ESEA.. i...
  2. Resolved

    Lethalio gets tapped by LeagueCheats while spinning

  3. kraeuterjunge


    There are some amazing shots. Short edit by a german youtuber/twitch streamer. Well, and some nice LC power ...
  4. Aaron

    2x aces

    Guy at the end of Clip 2 toggled and later got banned despite us winning; sux2bhim
  5. Get_Right

    some csgo record

    cheating or not?
  6. Edwin

    AWP 4k (20hp from ace)

    First ever edit of a short clip. Don't completely roast me please. ~Any feedback is welcome. P.S. Was pissed at the teammate who ignored frantic shouts of " Lemme ACE!"
  7. C

    My review after two weeks or so

    I'm not new to cheating, I've used CS GO hacks by other providers, so I can say that with the experience of someone who has been cheating on CS GO for the last 4 years. AIMBOT: 10/10 - It's the best and the most legit aimbot I've ever used. It's totally customizable, it responds very well and...
  8. A

    5 man headshot pistol ace ez pz

    5 man headshot ace on a faceit game, the map is Overpass. This cheat never cease to amaze me. LC is love, LC is life.