1. sebus1315

    Server craser on faceit non premium

    Just like in the title. Someone just crashed server in the non-premium game ..... We are all doomed NotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNothing can save us ......
  2. K

    End and delet

  3. J

    I'm thinking of buying but I want to know a few things.

    I'm seriously thinking of buying this cheat just to get a few ranks higher because i deranked like 4 times due to retarded teammates. I know that this cheat has been vac'd like about a year ago but I just want to know what caused it and how this cheat is better at security than all the other p2c...