1. E

    Hello Guys.

    Hi guys, i've been away from LC for a while now and i've just resubbed. Can anyone tell me whats the diffrence between the Normal setup and the advanced setup. How advanced is the exensive one and what do i get in the cheaper one. Maybe there is an thread that explains this but i didnt manage...
  2. K

    End and delet

  3. Xiuston2

    Other P2C corrupts demo/replays?

    Hello. As the title say, can other pay to cheat providers make such a cheat/hack or whatever to actualy do solely corrupting demoes? In my experience, all the time im playing against people who im 99% sure is cheating, the demo is corrupt. And ofcourse, when I do some sick shit plays, the...
  4. PolishMaczo


    Hi is it possible to play on gifinity with visual? If nothing can be turn on?
  5. J


    I am aware this cheat has a silent loader, however is this possible to use on LAN because of the HWID? Thank you.
  6. amnez1k


    does someone has some settings for faceit? I saw someone talked about cfg section.. where is that?
  7. P

    Does League-cheating support non-league AC?

    Hi, I'm new here. Nice to see you fellas. Just wanted to know for sure, I'll most likely alternate between playing league and non-league and I'd be pretty screwed if that's not the case. Cheers in advance!
  8. X

    Just some questions while waiting for activation.

    Hi guys, Returning to Cs after a while last time i played cs i used platinum cheat. However was told Leaguecheats is much better. I will be using it on Faceit mostly via web.. Since client is not yet fully updated. Now i am used to using others "legit" settings since i dont do much config my...
  9. maikel

    Bought the cheat but still got a few questions...

    Hey guys, I just bought the csgo league cheat. And i still had a few questions. 1. When was the last detection on VAC/ESL/ESEA/FACEIT 2. How long does it take before VIP gets activated if you payed with PayPal? 3. And Is there a section with User made Configs (Legit ones) which you can...