1. M

    Czit do CS 1.6

    Cześć, przed zakupem chciałem się zapytać czy czit jest niewykrywalny na serwerach z pluginami anty aim, wallhack itd? + czy jakoś omija te pluginy, że wallhack działa cały czas czy ma ograniczone pole widzenia? Jeszcze jedno odnośnie antyss`a, hack go posiada czy nie?
  2. R

    thinking of purchasing again but one question first

    I have already purchased this cheat once before and thought it was very high quality, thinking of purchasing again to play on mm but as I play esea reguarly i would like to know what precautions to take when playing esea before i purchase for the second time. Just to clarify i have no...
  3. herrchristensen

    CS:GO with 6700k and GTX 1080

    Hi! Is anyone else having issues running CS:GO with this kind of setup? I thought I'd be glued to 300 fps with this setup. Pending through 250-300, sometimes even down to 200 and some occasional stutter. Bothers the hell out of me. Setup: MSI Z170A M7 i7 6700k MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 32GB...