1. Z

    Requirements for Dive Deep

    Hello, if you do not meet all the requirements for the DiveDeep application is it still possible to be accepted? For exampel, i can do everything that is requested of me like sending my id etc, but i do not have forum post or likes.
  2. J

    Faceit anti cheat

    Faceit anti cheat work nów?
  3. abbetappe

    When is Pro League avaible for everyone?

    I was accepted in beta before but now u have new rules to apply and I can’t apply bcs of it. When/ will the Pro League be avaible for everyone?
  4. A

    Custom Private Cheat?

    Hey, Is there any chance you guys at LC could code me a custom private cheat?
  5. Fellin001

    requirements for pro league cheat

    hello there I want to buy the league version of the cheat but would like to upgrade to the "pro" league cheat when it is out of beta access. what kind of requirements do I need to fulfill to be able to buy it. also does anyone know what the price would be?
  6. Elyysian

    Comeback to LC

    Hey guys, I had a lot of stuff going on in the university and now i finished the hard stuff and can play again. I would really love to play on EAC with LC. But as far as I know its only for beta access users? I think I got the requirements for the beta since i used LC for atleast half a year and...
  7. D

    How long needs the beta (for 99dmg/faceitAC)

    Hey m8s, i know jimstar is still working on it. but i found nothink about that! only that the beta is open. would be nice for more info´s and how long it needs, i dont want to spam him! my last info ist that end of the april.... but thats still 3 weeks ago :) and cant look at the privat...