1. Timichango


    It has been over an year since Jimster & Co promised to release LC3 TriHard Remember when you told us to wait for a week? And then a month? What are ur excuses now? This is hilarious FailFishwixSanic
  2. VAULT1909

    What do you guys think of plat?

    Plat are releasing a new update, with faceit AC support, for only $15 a month but with limited slots available, what do you guys think of plat, any past exp??
  3. M

    Faceit AC.

    If i buy Wh only can i still use it on Faceit AC? Thanks you
  4. S


    Can you cheat on FaceIt Server and Client AC?
  5. P


    Hi, its work for gamersclub?
  6. S

    LC 3.0

    Can i still get to beta 3.0? When will the official 3.0. Is BETA 3.0 secure? Do i have a chance to get
  7. Kurru

    CSGO Private Hack - Aimbot

    Hi Guys, Just purchased your LC Package and have used it in the past with no bans. However iv'e been playing this game for quite some time and am quite decent at it. I only tend to use the Aim Assistance on the cheat but i am currently looking to buy a private version, this is the only...
  8. T

    The time is here | Current stage of FaceIT AC, EAC bypass development [UPDATED 03.07.2017]

    We successfully graduated works on our unique bypass for FaceIT Anti-Cheat client and Easy Anti-Cheat. Right now we are pushing forward our beta bypass for more people. Currently 13 users gained access to our BETA tests. Why you can't release it now? We could, but there is one problem. The...
  9. hahalolwtfbro

    Question about the League update coming

    So I've heard the league update is coming before this weekend (so tomorrow). Well my question: Will you release the update for all leagues at the same time? I only need it for ESL & EAC, will that both be released tomorrow or will you only release the update for 1 anti-cheat at a time?
  10. R

    Counter strike 1.6?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if the cheat pack (league version) supports EAC?
  11. R

    Visuals in Faceit

    hey, im new here i wanted to ask if the esp is working on faceit i read some threads here where they write its doesnt, so now im asking for it. ty
  12. jstyler

    FaceIT Open Beta Client

    Let the games start. https://blog.faceit/faceit-client-open-beta-bea5ea7db324#.21a48y5mc --> add .com into link