1. Onlyforit

    HL1 updates?

    Hello all, I just purchased the HL1 cheats but as I wait for activation I was wondering if they all function properly and are up to date? I purchased them knowing that they probably are but I've used some in the past that are quiet outdated. Plus I'm just trying to get more info before...
  2. shigetora


    Just bought the Multi League one for 35$ Please tell me that I can use it on there, otherwise I would like to get a refund if that's possible. I have used Leaguecheats for some time so if it's possible I would like to be able to get the beta or whatever
  3. H

    Sub-Par Customer Service.

    Wouldn't recommend. If you have a problem setting up the software then YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN the support ticket button is just for show all the support staff will do is patronize you if you can't figure it out and then offer to help you with team viewer at a price of $10.00 on top of what you...
  4. Rofler1923


    can i get my refund if im not activated yet? i mean i will buy but not today, i need this money back im dumb i know
  5. R

    Quick testimonial

    Hello Quick testimonial. Cheat didnt worked for me just once when i clicked something weird and then it crashed again. I've got a lot of help for it but still didnt worked on my pc. I didnt get any refund.