1. Resolved

    CS:GO Battle Royal| Raging W/LeagueCheats

  2. sudo

    HvH against lc ToX(legit) and Untrusted.ml

    ragers: @AirMake @pipz1337 (they didnt use lc)
  3. J

    lmao 1v5 panic ace

    Just a quick ace i got on my supreme smurf
  4. A

    LeagueCheats & fnatic

    I'll start with this screenshot of me and @ToX playing with fnatic in FaceIT, LeagueCheats was used the entire time and we topfragged them both. I will try to find the VOD of Schneider & JW's stream, they were both streaming.
  5. S

    How many times have you been OW :>

    So this hack is great for raging kek Been OW 2 times Once in casual :dodgy: other midgame raging against mges kek Had a total of 4 accounts OW you? :D