1. VAULT1909

    Boeing or airbus?

    which do you prefer
  2. Imoxus

    How is everyone?

    I haven't been here in quite a bit. How is everyone doing? I can see there have been quite a few changes to LC since I have last been here. The community still going strong lol.
  3. xans

    Pros Cheating

    So, if they do cheat, which is pretty obvious, why does they use aimkey out from mouse 1 and look blatant af locking through walls? If they have the money, why they don't simply buy something decent that wouldn't look so stupid? #Thoughts
  4. K

    4 admins

    Hi guys, I do not quite know who's in charge here, so I am post to forum. I have an important message and ideas. I am the man who helped with ideas and suggestions for improvement for these cheats as p3rf0rm4 h4x (xzone-reactor) and R8 (r8cheats) I imagine solvency ru-community. Your goods to...