1. Edwin

    Hacks crashing server fix incoming.

    [In case the image above doesn’t show:] I believe we’ve all seen the hacks which crashes servers after hackers win the game, so that no demos are sent to Overwatch. It’s a pain in the ass, but it seems like Valve’s noticed the issue and is trying to solve it asap. One...
  2. Zoichooey

    PUBG Cheat

    Does anybody here know a undetected PUBG cheat? Only need no recoil or esp.
  3. gecko1337

    Until when its possible to get banned backdated

    Hey guys, i wanted to ask you that question because you guys have more experience then me. Until when its possible to get banned backdated ? So like before i used LC i used some other providers that are going one bye one detected and so i am affraid of losing my "main" account. But the time...
  4. B

    Questions about LeagueCheats

    Why should i go for league cheats? How is it securer than other providers? Does it support more AC's than other providers like LeagueMode? Last Detection? Any other info to help me learn about this cheat is appreciated, thanks in advance :)
  5. P

    Questions before purchase

    Hello! I should start of by telling you I'm a pretty skilled player and dont need any ESP. The thing is that I have never really cheated before so I don't have any clue how to set the cheat up properly if I would buy it. I'm wondering if I could get some private coded cheat made for my...
  6. O

    Jimster is the REAL OG !

    I have been a lc user for about 7 years now and been a supporter for jimmy for much longer, back when i would be using his SuperSimpleWalls in the #findscrim days (was a cs 1.6 medium for matchmaking back in the mIRC gamesurge days.) I liked how easy it was to use and came across...