1. king23

    LC 3.0

    Hello, i want to know if i will be able to buy LC 3.0 when will be full realise? i used Leaguecheats only one month because LC 2.5 didn't work on the faceit, this profile it's older than 1 year and i can provide my identity to be trusted, country, photo with me and passport...........
  2. B

    lol played this guy in mm

    accidentally opens cheat menu on stream not sure what cheat hes using tho twitch profile: steam profile: http://steamcommunity/profiles/76561198094941791/ looks like he uses viewerbot, and hours boost. ontop of hacking ofcourse. must be a hefty monthly...
  3. K

    Expiring visible VAC bans from steam profile

    Cra0 noticed there is a bug or special intention from steam. If you had vac ban on record which were longer than 3000 days ago its not visible anymore on your steam profile. What do you think about that? I can agree thats true because my friend had vac ban on cod for over 3k days and now it expired.
  4. T

    Polish Matchmaking with Leaguecheats HARD

  5. alchenda

    Having some trouble with my logitech mouse

    I have a logitech g700s mouse and want to be able to bind things to my mouse 4 and mouse 5, but can't. Even in the logitech mouse program I haven't found anything to the set the functions back to their normal functions are just to simply act as "mouse 4" and "mouse 5". Thanks to anyone that can...
  6. P

    Faceit premium players needed!

    yoooo LC customers! if any of you play faceit alot, and got PREMIUM, do you mind adding me on steam & faceit? Steam: http://steamcommunity/id/officialslipe/ Faceit: https://www.faceit/en/players/d4XE I'm currently faceit lvl 9 and gold league, so if you guys are above lvl 6 atleast, and...
  7. Sliddqvist

    1 Tap 1 Kill Just Hax No Skill

    Please do watch in Full HD 60 FPS. It's at least somehow watchable... wish youtube didn't butcher the god damn video quality.
  8. Br0nZy

    ★ rep4rep ★

    Hello guys With this thread, u can get +rep comments on your Steam Profile. Post your Steam Profile Link below, and when someone gives u +rep give him back. My Steam: http://steamcommunity/id/bronzy96/ Post something like: +rep good service +rep legit service +rep amazing booster +rep...