1. king23

    LC 3.0

    Hello, i want to know if i will be able to buy LC 3.0 when will be full realise? i used Leaguecheats only one month because LC 2.5 didn't work on the faceit, this profile it's older than 1 year and i can provide my identity to be trusted, country, photo with me and passport...........
  2. B

    lol played this guy in mm

    accidentally opens cheat menu on stream not sure what cheat hes using tho twitch profile: steam profile: http://steamcommunity/profiles/76561198094941791/ looks like he uses viewerbot, and hours boost. ontop of hacking ofcourse. must be a hefty monthly...
  3. T

    Polish Matchmaking with Leaguecheats HARD

  4. alchenda

    Having some trouble with my logitech mouse

    I have a logitech g700s mouse and want to be able to bind things to my mouse 4 and mouse 5, but can't. Even in the logitech mouse program I haven't found anything to the set the functions back to their normal functions are just to simply act as "mouse 4" and "mouse 5". Thanks to anyone that can...
  5. Sliddqvist

    1 Tap 1 Kill Just Hax No Skill

    Please do watch in Full HD 60 FPS. It's at least somehow watchable... wish youtube didn't butcher the god damn video quality.