1. panzer

    HOW to win on 1ST ROUND

    --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- ToXMAGIC @ToX seems that u have fans on Brazil
  2. O

    Cheat Activation

    Hey, Just bought the ESP/WH League cheat and i'm not really sure how to activate it. I have to link some account ti get vip acces or something? I have no idea what to do. Can any1 explain it to me pls? Ty boiz
  3. K

    Is CEVO client a "cheat"?

    Check this and tell me what do you think about that:
  4. R

    Css cheats

    Hi, from what I understand this seems to be a good cheat provider but before I buy I'd just like a few questions about the cheat answered. Since I am quite new to the cheating scene I dont have much knowledge about vac and simliar anti-cheat systems so my questions might feel obvious for the...
  5. P

    I just bought it

    Hello I just bought LC and I dont know how to inject the cheat also I dont understand this, "New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access." If someone could be really nice and help me via Teamspeak that would be great. Thanks for the help
  6. rez

    A few questions...

    Hello, I've been browsing for some new cheats for the past week. I have two questions about the multi cheat. 1) What is the auto bunny hop like? I'm thinking of making bhop frag movies and I would like to know if the bhop is consistent and smooth 2) Installation? In a previous cheat I used...
  7. K

    How does it stay undetected?

    Im not asking for the source code,(even if i knew how to code lmao)Im asking how do you keep it undetected.Do you have an auto obfuscater in it?