1. chimichangas

    If you need to talk or some help

    If you need some help or a friend Hey guys! I`ve got permission from the admins to make a program where you can talk to me if you got any kind of problem, I do not mean cheat problem but if you got some problems in real life that you want to talk about. We can talk where you feel comfortable...
  2. S

    I might buy

    Hello I am a current customer of pl*tin*mcheats it is a really good cheat but I want to try leaguecheats. Is it true that there is a lot of bugs and to use in fullscreen do I need to trun anything off or on
  3. cutiecat

    Getting new PC and peripherals really soon.. (1 month or so)

    Hey guys, so yeah I'm getting a new computer and all that good stuff bc mine right now is pretty bad. When I first bought LC i ran into a problem where my mouse would freak out when raw input was turned off, I literally tried everything. It was not LCS fault, i know that but it was kinda...