1. A

    HL1 CS 1.6 Gameguard cheat.. READ!!!

    Dear Cheaters :D anyone who is interested in purchasing an HL1 (CS1.6) cheat for gameguard, comment in this thread.. @Jimster480 jimster said "if the cheat has enough demand, he will code a cheat for gameguars once again. just comment here anything.. and PLEASE, no shitty attitude, only if u...
  2. Michelle

    FaceIt Premium

    this ready to use on premium yet?
  3. knox.ini

    ACE on Faceit!

    You niggs in trouble TriHard
  4. T

    FaceIt Supporter

    Hi everyone, I've one question, if i buy supporter on faceit, can i use LC with the supporter subscription ? Thanks ^^
  5. D


    hi does the csgo cheats work for faceit premium ?
  6. cottazzor


    Hello, So I havent ben using this cheat for a while or even browsing the forum! I'm wondering if you still can cheaton faceit premium and normal faceit. Where can I find that information. Please answere! Best regards
  7. Gothaernetcafe

    LC Lite?

    I would just like to know if LC lite is a thing, since I found it at If so, what's the difference between Basic ($10/m) and Premium ($15/m)
  8. S

    Bought premium and never received it

    I asked my friend who was an admin at hyperaim if i could get a discount on premium so he said for 25$ i would get it for 3 months so i paid him 25$ on paypal then he gave me his username and password for his account and when i went to start up the cheats it says sub expired. :cry:  (Im sure...