1. Michelle

    FaceIt Premium

    this ready to use on premium yet?
  2. knox.ini

    ACE on Faceit!

    You niggs in trouble TriHard
  3. T

    FaceIt Supporter

    Hi everyone, I've one question, if i buy supporter on faceit, can i use LC with the supporter subscription ? Thanks ^^
  4. D


    hi does the csgo cheats work for faceit premium ?
  5. cottazzor


    Hello, So I havent ben using this cheat for a while or even browsing the forum! I'm wondering if you still can cheaton faceit premium and normal faceit. Where can I find that information. Please answere! Best regards
  6. Gothaernetcafe

    LC Lite?

    I would just like to know if LC lite is a thing, since I found it at If so, what's the difference between Basic ($10/m) and Premium ($15/m)
  7. S

    Bought premium and never received it

    I asked my friend who was an admin at hyperaim if i could get a discount on premium so he said for 25$ i would get it for 3 months so i paid him 25$ on paypal then he gave me his username and password for his account and when i went to start up the cheats it says sub expired. :cry:  (Im sure...