pre sale question.

  1. 4DHERo


    Most of you don't know me some will, I'm a former LC member and staff I've been with LC for a long time sense 2015 but I've been gone for a while due to life emergencies. But I'm back and I have some questions (Sorry if this is formatted wrong I'm typing this on a phone) - has LC gotten better...
  2. fuckingme

    Private GC for $ 40

    Hello I would like to know where the link to buy the version of $ 40 is, I knew that for this version I need to send my personal information and sign a contract, however I would like to know who in specific could speak to do this procedure thanks:cool:
  3. CuteK1tty

    What does the menu look like?

    I'm curious what the menu looks like I can't find anything about the menu since the cheat isn't super popular can someone send me a SC of the menu please and thank you <3
  4. B

    Work on faceit client ?

    I want ask , the cheat still work on client side ? ( not server ) i want buy it if work :3
  5. K

    Bad English ( Came Back for Questions)

    Hey i was a Customer before (1 Month Sub) I was not very Comfortable with the Setup and many Thngs wasnt Getting Right with some Programms like Razer Synapse etc. After i payed for the Basic Setup that Someone Looks if anything else is Getting the Aimbot from work it was like ( you paid so...