1. Averageplayer

    car lovers

    I don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cars but what do you guys think about this beast? I think that I fell in love haha
  2. tomato

    LC vs RandomRambo

    Sadly we lost but they definetly got to taste the power of LC. Team was legit and not up for the challenge it seems.. Still was fun game
  3. FD^GoD

    Why you cant get OW ban with LC (fragshow part 2)

    New cfg test! Enjoy guys with rekt some fucking vacware and other cheat providers idiots in this video :)
  4. Sliddqvist

    LC Legit vs Spinbotting ragehacking plebeian

    So second game of the day we found ourselves playing vs some shady folks @ Dust. Shortly after their topfrag using whatever c+p crap he had couldn't handle LC 1taps and other skillful shots, he turned on his spinbot. Another guy in his team was cheating using legit settings with a tad bit too...
  5. Serpius

    My Arm Was Twisted And Forced...

    ... to be on LeagueCheats. I totally blame Jimster480 for this. Actually, I'm not a gamer, but I do like to assist people in computer hardware related issues. I am quite good with computer builds, mostly on the Intel side of it. So, I'll probably hang around the PC Help forum section the...