1. Lucasino27

    Server help

    Hello guys, can someone help me with plugins on CS:GO server? If you can help me PM me please, thaanks:p
  2. K

    Counter Strike 1.6

    Before buying i have a couple of questions! Last time of detection? is it safe with server side plugins like anti wall and anti aimbot? aka amx plugins can someone show me how config is set up and i want a smooth aimbot if so! thank you!
  3. 3n1gm4

    some frags with LC and post LC

    Only 3 showcasings in total are with LC ESP, the rest are legitimately played several months ago. For this very reason the name section is blurred in the old video. The new video isn't realnick so it's w/e. Any feedback would be appreciated. New: A bit older: Off-topic If someone knows...