1. navysonar

    Find out how many time you got OW

    Hey guys, I found a website that let you know how many time you got suspected in OW I myself got suspected twice :D let me know how many time you got suspected.
  2. Michelle

    Skin farm pvpro

    is 2.5 safe to use on ?
  3. S

    Further questions before buying...

    Just wondering, there are options to turn off wallhacks right? Also - is there some sort of 'awareness' feature for this cheat, which makes the whole concept of wallhack less blatant (such as some sort of beeping when enemies are within x radius from your character), but not actual wallhacks so...
  4. thegame


    Good day all. As I have been watching all of the Dreamhack games, I am convinced that almost 90% of pro players cheat. I think that VP SK NAVI C9 those are teams that are really going hard with the aimlocks. SK stats and VP are insane really, Now your gonna say pros dont cheat and how do they...
  5. hahalolwtfbro

    Would this cheat be able to work like an aimlock?

    Basically I might buy this cheat, and the only thing I want to use it for is to aimlock through the wall, so I can gaither information. Is this possible with this cheat? Will it look really smooth?' Also, if possible.. Does it work on all leagues? I mostly play ESL and EAC
  6. thegame


    https://www.faceit/en/players/DICKDMOLISHR/stats/csgo ADD .com link not opening DICKDMOLISHR This is to show you how bad faceit is and how hard you can go on it without nothing no worries nothing. Before starting to comment look at the games are normaly enough for a ban to be coming KDR...
  7. W

    PixelESP on 25$ variant

    Hey, I got two (or one) question: is PixelESP aviable on the CSGI "ESP and Wallhack ONLY Cheat Option" for 25$? And what options are exactly in this package? (Sorry if i missed a thread what answer this question. Greetings