1. yeap

    Discount Code

    Is the discount code for people who had Platinum or R3 still available? Don't got much in my PayPal rn xD
  2. T

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers!

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers! Tired of getting banned twice in a month? You didn't use the cheat but you still got banned because of Platinum's driver running 24/7 in the background? You care about security? Then fear not, LC is for you! I would like to remind...
  3. T

    2015 MEME

    Check kill feed Kappa
  4. BadUSDhub

    LC vs Platinum

    What's the difference between LC and Platinum?
  5. L

    Help me understand Why would you go that blatant on that big of a stage? It's funny AF though :D Another one;
  6. B

    Comparision between carbonized platinum and league

    Ive seen many ppl criticizing leaguecheats on those forums that they get detected alot and stuff and that the esp looks like a painting idk if thats true but was kinda excited to buy this cheat wanted to know if it got detected recently or something? And when eac protection will be added thanks
  7. Jon18


    I swear, I purchased platinum cheats, and legit the worst decision. They are liars, and this is like godsent. Jimster480, OG coder, amazing client. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY OTHER CHEAT OTHER than this. BEST cheat on the market. ALSO JIM IS HONEST. Platinum said they were undetected on cevo. BIG LIE...