1. L

    Back to using LC :D

    My first game for a while :D
  2. tomato

    Found my Demo in a youtuber overwatch series lol

    I was actually using an offset aimlock, thats why i knew, didnt get banned or anything, enjoy lmao
  3. Adex

    Ak 1 taps xd

    So i got some 1 taps while playing Faceit with Leaguecheats. pls tell me what you guys think if it was bad , good , blatant etc etc. Thanks Cred to $nowii for helping me configure the settings. LC still the BEST :D Have a good day/ night or what...
  4. albanerendk

    Game Winning Eco Deagle 4k :D

    pretty sure they called me a FUSKAR FUSKAR