1. panzer

    HOW to win on 1ST ROUND

    --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- ToXMAGIC @ToX seems that u have fans on Brazil
  2. xans

    So it seems my luck has returned

    Well, yesterday I had some old skins (around $10) on my inventory, decided to give a shot on some coinflips and ended the day on $96 So after that I was thinking well, my luck is gone now, no reason to botter again, but guess what, being stupid as I am I decided to go all in over a flip knife...
  3. xans

    New Anti-Cheat Status Page Banners

    So today I finished two banners for the anti-cheat status page, which has new informations and take off "uncertain" thoughts on our cheat, with direct and objective texts. League Version Non-League Version
  4. KKUkUr2017

    Airmake : Why u keep this [email protected] here?

    And as title says : Why you keep a [email protected] like him on your forum ? 1) Known scammer 2) English DONT EXIST in his brain i AM OFFICIAl report this idiot for being worthless on forum . He keep pressing dumb on my posts when he cannot EVEN understand what i am saying hahaha Example...
  5. panzer


    I'm working on some new arts and this came up :p will do more adjusts @ToX some more mods to come on this day, and @Jimster480 meme wall tooo :p lol, i find it fun. at least they got too nice memes :p JIMS 4K tox on 4K H4X0R L33T CREW (this is very dangerous wall, it broken my windows...
  6. panzer

    carry on

  7. panzer