1. N

    first week with lc

    Hello community, wow what a great cheat. The customisation is so nice, i can change my settings in so many ways. I really love this. I played 6000h clean and I was good. With the cheat i do a high skill jump its feels so great. Yeah I have little problems. An example is the Smooth aim, I don´t...
  2. steinkauz


    Good time of day) is there any presets to cheat on you with the expansion of 1024x768 or 1600x900 if help will be very grateful to you) and what to do if you do not work RCS
  3. Aaron

    Chilling in MM lmao

    Was chilling in MM so I could see how my shit worked on 64T and 128T servers. Result: At 4:10 you'll see the aimbot + Spray Transfer RCS in action, shit is fucking delicious. No walls were used either. Also, MoH toggled for a bit to try catch up and tilt us lol.
  4. K

    [PL] Thank YOU Leaguecheats!

    40 days with LC, 55 wins, and this happens, Thank you LC for awesome software u provide, and fuck other providers cuz i experienced cpl very quick vac bans. Keep up the awesome work m8! http://i.imgur.com/NI2obT6.jpg oh, and heres a config if u want ultimate legit play to reach GLOBAL...
  5. Babam

    From silver to master in one month

    Went form 1000 elo to 1500 in 3 days. AMA