1. nasterun17

    first week with lc

    Hello community, wow what a great cheat. The customisation is so nice, i can change my settings in so many ways. I really love this. I played 6000h clean and I was good. With the cheat i do a high skill jump its feels so great. Yeah I have little problems. An example is the Smooth aim, I don´t...
  2. K

    [PL] Thank YOU Leaguecheats!

    40 days with LC, 55 wins, and this happens, Thank you LC for awesome software u provide, and fuck other providers cuz i experienced cpl very quick vac bans. Keep up the awesome work m8! http://i.imgur.com/NI2obT6.jpg oh, and heres a config if u want ultimate legit play to reach GLOBAL...
  3. Babam

    From silver to master in one month

    Went form 1000 elo to 1500 in 3 days. AMA