1. N

    Faceit AC version (PL)

    Hello I have 1 simple quastion. I am old user of LC, my sub expired... :/ Can I buy PRO LEAGUE VERSION now, or i need to buy another version, use it 6mths and then try to apply?
  2. ezpzk2k

    Can i have my money back?

    I feel extremely unconfortable sending a picture of my id to some shady cheating site, like wtf? Why do i need that for, also you take money before saying anywhere that you need a picture of the id? This is fucking shady
  3. Hantoszi55

    Leaguecheats Wallpapers and some Graphics

    Hello! I got denied for Graphic Recruitment so I want to share with you my work. I hope you enjoy! wixSanic LC's Logo (too big for <img>) https://d.filebox.moe/ueouzc.PNG https://d.filebox.moe/mtduseoe.PNG LC's Dragon Lore Video Thumbnail