1. Markus Dahl

    About mobile authenticator VAC system

    Hello, so I recently bought a new account, which is meant to be my main account. Though i have been VAC Banned on my old account, which had mobile authenticatior locked to my phone number. I saw that the phone also got the ban, and I was wondering, since its about 1 month ago, would i get banned...
  2. Secrets

    Steam and VAC

    Hello bois im back after some time, and i have a question about steam accounts and bans. So i just want to know if they connected somehow multiple accounts together example -> I would cheat on my smurf will that affect my main (would log to my main from time to time but i wouldn't inject...
  3. kanske

    Using a ow banned acc's old phone number

    Is it safe to use a phone number on another acc, that was used on a acc that was overwatched. The phone number was removed from the banned acc a couple a months ago.
  4. Jaaz


    Hey, all After reading threw Reddit and other sites, I have seen some people get VACed on there smurfs, and then get VACed on there mains too. Is there any way to provent this from happening, and is it true?
  5. SunnyGuy

    Music Streaming

    I recently found a collection of all Monstercat songs in FLAC quality, but the thing is I use my phone to listen to music a lot and my phone can't really store 100 GB on it. I wanted to know if there was something I could do to set up a FTP server or anything to stream it to my phone or download...