1. EmEditor300

    VAC Ban delays

    Does anyone know how long a "Overwatch ban" or a "VAC Ban" can be delayed?
  2. H

    k1ck rmn vac banned

    https://steamcommunity/id/undertheknife https://www.hltv.org/player/2241/rmn lets start discussion, who wil be next ? xD from his twitter but in profile vac, not gameban
  3. S

    Overwatch [GAME]

    Does anyone know where I could sell my overwatch account? I don't even play the game and haven't touched it since I bought it.
  4. Yuno Gasai


    Does anyone know any overwatch cheat provider?
  5. kanske

    What does 1x suspected on vac-ban.com means

    As titles says does anybody knows what it means?
  6. N

    Can LC trigger Untrusted ban?

    This question has been answered to me over support ticket by Virus. I apologize to make this thread, but here's something I am very curious about. Virus said the hack does not cause any Untrusted ban or VAC as of now. However he mentioned that If I get Overwatched it will trigger a VAC Ban. I...
  7. G


    Any chance you are/will be working on creating some Overwatch Hacks?

    Adopt an account with vac and ov

    Hey Adopt account of bans ov vac or if someone is not needed it only needs to be turned off steam guard and send me to pw Regards, DOTHER
  9. E

    Overwatch Aimbot

    Is there ever going to a Overwatch Aimbot released? Or would I have to have a private one made?