1. thegame


    Hello Anyone knows how to get a bot on SILKROAD ONLINE ?
  2. T

    Auth system downtime 18.10.16

    Hello everyone, The auth servers are currently down. Our upstream provider is having an outage impacting multiple providers on the East Coast. We are working to bring our services back online. Thank you for your patience, LeagueCheats Staff Edit: Servers back online!
  3. M

    After purchase.

    Hello :) sorry for errors in english i am brazilian brows ;) I have just bought this software, YOU MAY check if my payment has already been Done ?
  4. pipplarnEZPZ

    Slow transactions?

    Hello! I bought the LEAGUE supported version 1 month for 35$ and I still haven't received my vip with over 40+ min of waiting. Is this an normal issue and it takes sometime to get your VIP? I did send a ticket and I'm in TS3 and waiting for help. Thank you!