1. C

    How much its the normal time to get cheat ?

    Just cirious what is the normal time after purchase to get the cheat i know that its max 24 hours but i mean the normal expect time ?
  2. Edwin

    AWP 4k (20hp from ace)

    First ever edit of a short clip. Don't completely roast me please. ~Any feedback is welcome. P.S. Was pissed at the teammate who ignored frantic shouts of " Lemme ACE!"
  3. Thomisk

    Question for Faceit

    Well I want to buy the nonleague version and play with it on faceit,but not on faceit client,which has the anticheat, just on normal faceit,but there is a problem.. I was playing without cheats on faceit and I saw guys in lobby and they had faceit AC, and when I clicked on the icon, it was...