1. Dawnyy


    I know it's not a cheating video but just wanted to start a channel playing legit and a channel for cheating, don't know when i will start up the cheating channel, also I apologize for it being so bad, I would've made it better but my Sony Vegas kept crashing so I had to use some other shittty...
  2. Resolved

    Boss Intro made by XANS THE LEGEND

    Xans made a litty intro for me and I vouch for him best intro maker ever!
  3. Dawnyy

    Need suggestions for videos!

    So I will start uploading cheating videos soon, just wanna get suggestions so I can please the community. Would you rather see 16:9 Videos or 4:3 stretched videos Comps games, or shadowplay clips Frag movies or edits Background music or raw audio Or you don't care and its completely up to me...
  4. pcstekje

    Gym music

    People that going to the gym here :) what music/mix you listening need some new mixes for my workouts :D
  5. Resolved

    Who has got some nice frag movie music for csgo?

    Im planning on doing frag movies and shit so i need some gud music?
  6. chimichangas

    Back at it again | 4k awp

    I need to add that I tryed really hard to time the music to the clip, and I would say I did a good jobb on two of the shots
  7. Kennedy

    @Cover Your Eyes 5k DEAGLE

  8. tomato

    AWP Ace @ Overpass

    Trying out some effects, enjoy :D Excuse the music, not stuff I usually listen to lmao, used it because of a friend
  9. Thomisk

    A problem with sony vegas pro 13

    Hello,I'm new to this program and I wanted to little bit edit my cs go videos. So what I've done: Put the cs go vid to vegas,then the music. I've rendered it to .avi Nothing more. The video is good by visuals,but the sound,the music is laggy as hell. It's like I will be stopping and refreshing...
  10. P

    OFFTOPIC - Cool music set to listen while playing

    This is darkstep drum'n'bass.. hard beats. no skrillex shit. the name also are sugestive :p This guy too, produces fucking legit dark techno beatz Post here one music set, or playlist of what u like to listen and share XD
  11. chimichangas


  12. elwin1000

    League Cheats 2x ace +4k

    MM with friend! Interpaste and LC in Team Edit sound is too quiet i will fix it next time! No visuals only AIM Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  13. Rosolovsky

    CS:GO Highlights #4 - 4k awp

  14. Rosolovsky

    -4 dd2