1. Kin

    1001st Post and My stay in LC.

    As I look up the member page, I see all the hall of famers in LC. Well, the most number of posts, does not show how long you have stayed in LC, but how active you are. From the start, I just wanted to be active too, and be part of that active members list. Here I am, posting my 1001st. Why do I...
  2. enaldie

    access to EAC/FACEIT AC version

    Hello,I heard that I have to use basic LC cheat for few months before getting that EAC UD version... I am going to a very important and big LAN that use EasyAntiCheat in APRIL,but I will have first LC sub in JANUARY(cannot buy now because of shit PC..)Are 2/3 months enough to get that access...
  3. nofucksgiven01

    Questions before i buy LC

    - Guaranteed not take vac ban? (What are the chances to take in case you play with minimum settings) - Settings where they take? - I saw the group "Official LeagueCheats" are many members vac - Where you can play with LC No-League? - This code falls fps? - In some clips posted by @ToX I think...