1. M

    Battalion 1944

    This FPS game is undergoing some big updates in an attempt to gain competitive attraction. Currently EU & NA qualifiers going on for a $50,000 LAN. Uses EAC. Would be interested in a cheat for this game. Any on the market?
  2. T

    Other cheats

    what do you guys think about cheats like pl*tin*mcheats, in*uria, inte*w*bz and LeagueMode... i have used all of these and they are all kinda dissapointing... why should i pick LC over any of these? *edit* the name is censored but its the one LC is giving a 30% discout for ;)
  3. I


    Hey! Maybe gonna buy, do you support esportal client? The multi league version. Is the aimbot any smooth, triggebot etc? How long VAC ud? Any experience with esportal client?
  4. M


    Hi , i want to buy this cheat but i want to know is this cheat never vac banned until now ?
  5. Jon18


    I swear, I purchased platinum cheats, and legit the worst decision. They are liars, and this is like godsent. Jimster480, OG coder, amazing client. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY OTHER CHEAT OTHER than this. BEST cheat on the market. ALSO JIM IS HONEST. Platinum said they were undetected on cevo. BIG LIE...