1. C

    Last detection?

    I was reading some comments about this cheat and it seems really cool. I just wanted to know when the last detection was for this cheat? How detectable is this cheat?
  2. KraftinG

    When was the last detection & when will there be another sale on the cheat?

    Questions are in Title. Thank you for your time.
  3. A

    Last detection?

    When u got last time detected? How long you think you will be undetected until next detect?
  4. dasguyhere

    Detection Rates

    When was your last detection and how long was your run prior to that?
  5. J

    Last vac detections?

    Former user forgot my other account, i bought it and got vacced not long after about a very long time ago. I was wondering were there anymore since then? How many and when. Thanks