1. xans

    How can I not do +30 kills with LC?

    I know my rank is supreme, yes, I'm a newbie, yes, I do have friends that are lower ranks unfortunately but they are my friends so it's fun playing with them. I'm not using ESP, not even triggerbots, and still, I made those type of scores, it seems LC is too stronk even without those 2... What...
  2. rtgames1

    Is my deagle rage?

    Frags - My settings - deagle_aimbot=1 deagle_aimkey=2 deagle_fov=1.60 deagle_rcsfov=20 deagle_aimright=0.00 deagle_aimheight=0.00 deagle_smoothaim=2.00 deagle_supersmooth=2 deagle_multibone=0 deagle_bone=8 deagle_bone1=7 deagle_recoil=0.00 deagle_recoilx=0.88 deagle_crosshair=0...
  3. F

    lower end pc

    hi, will this cheat work with lower end pc's or is it just not worth it?