1. pikachu

    CSGO Youtubers

    Hey guys. I am bored and I was looking at youtube for some nice csgo youtubers but all those that I am already subbed doesnt post that much. So I am here to ask if you guys know any good csgo youtubers :) Im looking for some global elite ranked to see nice matches. Also I appreciate...
  2. T

    ESEA Undetected?

    Hello I'm looking into LC right now and everything is looking good I realise that I wont be able to get into LC 3.0 as of yet but I'm wondering on the League mode does it bypass ESEA client side? I see mentions of Faceit, ESL, EAC and many more but no mention of ESEA anywhere? Thanks a lot and...
  3. SyPh


    looking for a guy, that can make a edit on my fragmovie
  4. Xuniku

    PC parts help !

    Hello Community ! Im looking for PC Specs that support LC single threaded mode and can play CSGO at all high settings + high fps . Budget Currently 1000$ .
  5. F

    Private hack

    Do you guys also make private hacks that are useable for Faceit client, esl wire and esea client?
  6. Aqqure

    Virus1x Config Testing

    so i bought advanced setup and played some games and decided to make video with them :) PIxel esp toggle used for fast info/clutch situations All games were played with Full premade friends :9 Aimbot on awp sometimes bugged and inhuman flicked to a person it wasnt supposed to flick to but...
  7. T

    LC official intro

  8. L

    So what can I expect?

    Recently I've been looking through the internet for a league hack and this site seems to be the go to place as of now. I'm not really looking for features, but more security. Until now I have been using x22 for half a year and haven't been banned once, so is the protection better or worse? Also...
  9. X


    hey guys, ive been looking around the csgo hacking scene for a while now and come across many decent looking hacks for csgo, but ive realized that league cheats is quite a bit more expensive than other sites out there, im just wondering why that is. what can LC provide that others that are...