1. legitbeast

    new settings test

  2. legitbeast

    4 kills in 20 seconds

    if anyone has demos they'd like edited send them my way - I'll give it a shot, this was compiled and rendered in 5 minutes.
  3. legitbeast

    missed chance - pistol 4k

  4. legitbeast

    what 1fov does to your gameplay

    My settings are here as well [SETTINGS] ; ;-ESP- ; wall=0 wall2=0 dlight=0 decay=1 autointensity=1 intensity=0 radius=50 dteam=1 crosshair=0 esp=0 box=2 boxsize=50 boxmulti=2 visesp=1 dis=0 hp=0 name=1 xesp=0 seq=0 pixel=0 pixelr=85 pixelg=107 pixelb=47 pixela=240 teamesp=0 disp=0 dispx=20...
  5. legitbeast

    faceit action - AWP ACE + 1Deags

    extremely easy with LC :D
  6. legitbeast

    27 fps flicks

  7. legitbeast

    One Month In Depth Testimonial - LC MULTI

    Hey everyone. As my subscription is running out I figured I should drop a testimonial of what the experience has been so far. I can say I will definitely be renewing for at least another three months. There are many cheats out on the market these days. Sites like unknowncheats/mpgh forums...
  8. legitbeast

    faceit mouse5 action

    classic :cool:
  9. legitbeast

    MM m4 d2 ace

    ft. decent positioning