1. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats August 2018 Update

    Hey everyone, Just another update after the last few weeks. The other day the MP5 was added back into CSGO. The cheats were updated on Thursday night (my time) to support the MP5. If you haven't updated your cheat version, you probably should since the MP5 wont work in the older versions...
  2. Abe

    Multi League or non League for Faceit without AC?

    Hey! Do I have to buy the Multi League Version or is the Non League version enough for FACEIT without AC? /Abe
  3. M4giC

    Do I understand this right?

    Okey, So I looked at some post here on the forum and found some things and was wondering if I got this right? So Leaguecheat 2.5 dosent support the new faceit AC, but leaguecheat 3.0 will? You must have Leaguecheat 2.5 atleast 2 months before you can buy 3.0? And Is there any ETA on when 3.0 Is...
  4. iskA

    LeagueCheats 2.5

    I have made in 2 hours