lc 2.5

  1. S

    Too many people using LC? CAPPA

    I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way but LC is catching a LOT of attention recently due to all the good people spreading the word and Youtube videos attracting people. Also the recent people that are coming are also all Ex- Con cheater's that probably got banned for being silver 1 and...
  2. 1337xLeague

    Never Lucky

    Again, after a half year 1 case opend aaaaand..... Never Lucky Kappa
  3. Imoxus


    Just a quick clutch / ace I got a while back with League Cheats. Nothing special. But enjoy :)
  4. qwerty1906

    A few questions before I buy

    Hello guys, For sure I'm gonna buy LC but after the summer holidays tho, because there is no point of buying it for 2 weeks :) But before I buy it, I want to know few things: 1. After the purchase will I get good CFG for Faceit? I don't really want to play MM, just Faceit and I don't want to get...
  5. iskA

    LeagueCheats 2.5

    I have made in 2 hours
  6. iskA

    Jimster thanks for LeagueCheats

    I will tell briefly about LeagueCheats I used cheat much. And all had some shortcomings. I long looked for chit for Lang and have written to this mar1k and he has advised me LeagueCheats. I long thought upon purchase given Cheats, and have decided. I play since March 22 and it is the best aimbot...