1. ogdunderzubbi

    Asus ROG claymore keyboard problems

    Had this keyboard for about 3 months now. No issues what so ever. Then all of a sudden I hear the usb-disconnect sound and it stops working! NotLikeThis Rebooted the pc several times, tried different usb ports. Heard the usb-connected sound but still no response in Asus armoury. Anyone had...
  2. thegame

    Keyboard + Headset

    I guess I wanna buy a new keyboard Cheap but functional and makes no sounds when pressing keys and if it has a little lightning also a plus. any suggestions ? if yes please link me place to buy with pictures and reason why i should buy it. Headsets too please same as above they should be comfy...
  3. A

    LAN inject mouse/keyboard

    Hey guys. Im going on small friendly lan. is there a way to inject small FOV aimbot using mouse/keyboard? And if yes, can somebody teach me how? I got Razer BlackWidow keyboard and R.A.T. 7 mouse. PLEASE :D