1. Goofy


    I used to be a customer of Jimster480 in CS 1.6/CSS back in the day for private league builds and reached nearly the top of my country using his shit before finally getting detected. I was wondering if he still makes private league builds and if so how can I get in contact with Jimster480...
  2. H

    Gamersclub private

    Hi, i want to buy the private version of gamersclub but i cant contact jimster, if you see me here @Jimster480 please talk to me
  3. Kennedy

    how i can pay gift for Jim?

    how i can pay gift for Jim? sad me please my friends :))) ps: LOVE LC CoMM
  4. Jon18

    Is it true JIMSTER480?

    Is it true Jimster480 aka pussy slayer aka OG MASTER SHITTER has bypassed faceit and is near releasing the full beta? What will Platinumshits do now? Please answer. Also, has the faceit mole been caught . I need the dox ty. @Jimster480 @owardawg @ToX
  5. L

    private build question

    I am a player from china。 I want a sucurity cheat that support 5ewin 5ewin is a platform in china. I need aimbot only It is enough that the cheat support 5ewin only. Who can help me? Who should i contact ? 500€
  6. owardag

    Goodbye Guys, Owardag Out.

    Hey guys, this is your staff member Owardag here to give you a goodbye, My time here at League Cheats has been a splendid one and I have learned much. I have made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun here. I have been with League Cheats for like 5-6 months and I have to tell you that League...
  7. E


    May i know does leaguecheats support LAN Leagues using client SoStronk? If yes, is the cheat HWID locked? Cause if HWID how am i suppose to use it on LAN since its a different pc from my home's?
  8. M

    Bought LC finally

    Hey guys, i just wanted to ask how long it would take to get VIP on the forums after buying it :) edit: oh sry nvm should have read the other threads can get closed NotLikeThis
  9. iskA

    Jimster thanks for LeagueCheats

    I will tell briefly about LeagueCheats I used cheat much. And all had some shortcomings. I long looked for chit for Lang and have written to this mar1k and he has advised me LeagueCheats. I long thought upon purchase given Cheats, and have decided. I play since March 22 and it is the best aimbot...
  10. I


    yesterday I bought a hack and still did not get eamil . it's been 24 hours Paid with 1,95 USD PayPal balance 164,34 HRK VISA x-0006 You'll see "PAYPAL *JIMSTER LC" on your card statement. Exchange rate 164,34 HRK = 23,05 USD 1 Croatian Kuna = 0,14 US Dollar Transaction ID 587091207R997451U...
  11. Giraffe1337

    Welcome to the zoo niggas

    FaTaN, Tox! Duh hello.. We meet once again, the time has come where this Giraffe once again must join the pack. But first i need to have some information about this zoo, since it been a while. 1.) This Giraffe have some massive balls and he needs to cheat at lan, but the haters knows Giraffe...